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Finding Bieber

Where's The Biebs? Probably moving! As a tour guide for more than 6 years I have never seen a celebrity move as much as Justin Bieber! Marilyn Monroe had over 43 homes from birth to death but she was an orphan which attributed to many of those moves. The Biebs on the other hand is no orphan but might be hellbent on a mission to top Marilyn. I'll have to ask The Biebs next I see him in that powder blue Lamborghini or raised grey Mercedes G-Wagon Jeep with celebrity cartoon stickers on the back.

What does the Biebs fancy when it comes to homes? Well first of all Justin Bieber prefers to rent rather than buy, which is an oddity; but don't hold it against The Biebs because living legend Al Pacino also rents. Other than renting, The Biebs likes to live in a variety of celebrity enclaves including Calabasas, Toluca Lake, Beverly Hills (3 times, 1 home, 1 condo, and 1 elongated hotel stay), and the Hollywood Hills. Currently The Biebs has graduated to The Hollywood Hills, the creme de la creme of celebrity enclaves. His new spot is bomb because of it's sheek design and close proximity to the Sunset Strip where he can enjoy the best entertainment the world has to offer, whether that's enjoying a night at the Comedy Store or catching the next big thing in music at The Whisky A-G0-Go.

So what's next for the peripatetic Bieber? Rumor has it his nomadic soul is scouting places in Brentwood so he can be next to his surrogate father, Scooter Braun. I'm not a fan of this move though because it's where celebrities move after their careers take a dip. It's where Toby Maguire moved after he got laid off the Spiderman movies. It's where Billy Bob moved after he divorced Angelina Jolie. It's where Marilyn died. Not a good place......except that funnyman Jim Carrey has been there from day 1....but that's an exception for the enclave.

If you have Bieber Fever I will leave you with this video of a Bieber impersonator sneaking into his old residence in Toluca Lake. Two words....super weird!

Update: March 11th, 2019 - The Biebs has bought a spot in Beverly Hills with Hailey Baldwin. His bodyguards/handlers put out a menacing vibe;(

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