Former Justin Bieber House in Beverly Hills! Let us know if u have Bieber Fever;)

House from tv show Brady Bunch in Studio City!

The spot we take Hollywood Sign photos is 3 miles closer than 99% of other tour companies!

Maybe you'll see Brad Pitt and his body guard!

A Frank Loyd Wright property that was once owned by a legendary producer.

Chemosphere house seen in the movie Body Double & recreated 4 Charlie's Angels.  It hovers near Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's house!

Maybe Tom Cruise will shake your hand on the tour...but probably not since Tom recently sold his last house in Los Angeles;(

Is this Eminem's house....Mickey Mouse's house.....nope....just a randomn rich person in the Hollywood Hills;)

You have a better chance of seeing Keanu Reeves popping out of one of his skinny shiny garages on one of his motorcycles;)

You have a much better chance of doing some squat thrusts with Richard Simmons...but he closed his gym Slimmons;(

Is that Brad Pitt's foot beneath the fern?  Maybe, it's the gate to one of his properties.  Some houses you can see better than others;)

You might catch Angelina Jolie at Beverly Hills High during her 23rd high school reunion...not.  Luke Perry didn't attend here but Monica Lewinsky well as many others.

The house from the classic 1978 movie Halloween where Michael Myers falls off the balcony while chasing Jaimie Lee Curtis;(

One of the most unique things to do at night is to dine and see the shows at The Magic Castle. This is an exclusive club but I can let you know your best ways of getting in on a movie star home tour;)

It's the motel from the movie Pretty Woman where Julia Robert's character lived!  You can stay here for $400 a week;)

Elvis Presley lived here when he had the baby with Priscilla.  Priscilla thought having a smaller house would cut down on the King's entourage...nope.  The King did 33 movies and he's the best selling solo artist of all time!
Al Pacino, Taylor Swift, David Spade...they're all here.  99% of tour companies can't go in because Beverly Hills Cop (not Eddie Murphy) started cracking down on over-weight tour vans.  We go!
Marilyn Monroe rented this house when she married Joe Dimagio in 1954.  The 4 bedroom property may not look like much, but in Beverly Hills this property is valued at 5.4 million!  Marilyn lived in 43 properties in her life.  Want to see all 43?  Let me know;)
Kirk Douglas kicking it on a recent Saturday!  No centenarian has ever looked so fly;)
Former Ariane Grande property!  Her new house is much more difficult to see.
The house of Gucci looks way better than Al Pacino's.  Don't tell Al! Whoahhh!
This Bel-Air house can be yours for $250 million and includes the helicopter you see on top;) This celebrity enclave boasts the Jennifers; Lopez and Anniston!
The views in the Santa Monica Mountains are incredible where many of the biggest celebrities in the world live!
A house where Katherine Hepburn lived!  She is the actor with the most Academy Awards...4!  Don't tell Meryl Steep;)
Up in the Santa Monica mountains you'll have a chance to look for Ellen moonwalking on top of her Warner Bros sound stage in Burbank!
We recently saw David Faustino from Married With Children and Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens!
We recently saw Priscela Presley on Rodeo Dr. after the release of her Elvis movie The Searcher on HBO!  Unfortunately she saw customers filming and went for the celebrity face block move;(
Lady Gaga kicking it on her deck in the Hollywood Hills.  Unfortunately she bought plants recently to block our view:(
A shot of downtown on Mulholland Dr, the most impressive road in Los Angeles!  David Lynch does not live on Mulholland Dr.  Lame;(
If the Hollywood Sign is important to see let us know to make sure you book the right tour.
We got Bieb-blocked by Bieber's security.  We got blocked in by a security vehicle for 5 minutes while The Biebers came back from pilates.  You can see Biebs rocking the hoodie if you look carefully in the Range Rover above;)  No mistaking Hailey's jawline either;)
A patron spotted world-renowned romance-novel-cover model and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter hocker Fabio driving down Sunset Blvd in his Mercedes!  Not sure if Fabio is waving here or doing the celebrity face block move;(
Note:  If you're excited about certain properties you've seen here, let us know so we can make sure you choose the right tour!

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