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* More & Better Locations:  Our vans can go where 99% of other vans aren't permitted to go due to weight restrictions: the side-streets of Beverly Hills, the bird streets of Hollywood Hills, beneath Hollywood sign, the biggest celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio, Will Ferrell, Bruno Mars, Kylie Jenner,  Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves, Taylor Swift, and Al Pachino!  Don't be fooled by other tour companies who will tell you anything to get the sale but don't go anywhere near where these celebrities live.

* Customizable Tour Option:  Why go to see celebrity houses you don't care about.  Let us know who you want to see.  Other tour companies take you on a set route; With our "You Choose, We Cruise" tour we treat you like a VIP; Fully customized to celebrities you care about.  Even if you don't go full customization always let Brian know who your favorite is at the beginning of the tour and if that celebrity is within the general tour route he'll do his best to swing by!

* VIP Style:  Most tour companies pack you in like sardines.  All our tours are private except for tour 1 (but for a relatively small premium you can make tour 1 private as well)!  If you are used to being a VIP or are concerned about being next to strangers with the pandemic, our tour is for you!

* celebrity Home Specialists: Celebrity homes is our number one speciality.  When it comes to home knowledge, no one is better than us. Some companies have 70 years old drivers that mostly show homes from the 1930s through 60s.  Brian knows everyone.  From Tik Tok's Charlie D'Amelio to Charlie Chaplin.   From Tik Tok's Sway House to Joni Mitchell's "Our House" where the song was written.  

* See Better:  Binoculars are provided to all customers to better see the sights.

*  Guaranteed accurate houses:  Many companies have erroneous or blatantly false information.  Our tours are guaranteed to show you accurate celebrity houses or your money back!

* Ipad Screenshots: Some celebrities have houses that are challenging to see.  For selected properties you'll be shown iPad screenshots to get a better idea of their cribs.

* Magazine Spreads: For select homes there are magazine spreads of the house with Instagram posts pics embedded.
* One-Of-A-Kind Tours:  Whether it's our "You Choose, We Cruise" tour, our "Classic Hollywood Tour", or our all-day "Real Deal Celebrity Tour" you'll find we offer tours that no one else offers! 
* 3 Miles Closer to Hollywood Sign:  Most tour companies show the Hollywood sign from 3 miles away.  Our light weight van gets you as close as legally possible without hiking. (Not all of our tours visit Hollywood sign, must choose one that's included)

* Red carpet blankets in case you get cold (not likely in summer time:)

* Movie Star Home Tours founder Brian Stensager has lived in Hollywood for 18 plus years and has driven these tours for close to ten.  With Brian you're getting a veteran tour guide who is undoubtably the best in the celebrity home business!  Brian has also performed comedy showcases at The Improv and Comedy Store as well as recorded music at Paramount Recording Studios (Guns N Roses, Dr Dre, etc) so he has first hand experience of living the Hollywood experience.
* Consistant delivery of excellence!  Who can you trust when it comes to reviews these days?  Almost no one.  It is estimated that 50% or more of TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google reviews are fake or manipulated for pay.  We maintain a 4.83 out of 5 with over 500 reviews with AirBNB Experiences and only purchasers are allowed to leave reviews.  (But your best price and time flexibility will always be through this site directly.)