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Jennifer Anniston's Hideaway in Bel-Air

I'll start out by saying I don't normally go by Jennifer Anniston's main crib in Bel-Air because Bel-Air isn't celebrity saturated; not enough bang for your buck like the Hollywood Hills. But it's definitely possible if you're a superfan and maybe we'll catch her drinking Fiji water (celebrities tend to prefer Fiji; I've seen it in Lady Gaga's garbage and big boxes delivered at Charlize's) even though she gets big bucks to drink Smart Water. You're not likely to catch Chandler (Matt Perry) there because I heard he didn't get invited to the last wedding; that would explain when I would see him in the convertible Audi R8 why he also looked so pissed.

Bel-Air is my second least favorite celebrity community after Brentwood. My main disdain for Bel-Air comes from lack of celebrities (yes I'm aware of the other Jennifer and Jay-Z & Beyonce - by the way Jay-Z has the most intimidating body guards) and my other complaint is the roads aren't tourist friendly; no sidewalks and really no room to pull over so you have to move relatively quickly. My last complaint about Bel-Air is that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air house isn't even in Bel-Air it's in Brentwood - extra weak;(

But if we do go to Jennifer's I'll make sure to show you the D-Lister Dan Bilzerian's former crib which at 30,000 sq ft dwarfs Jennifer's crib and represents celebrity exuberance to the max. No celebrity has bigger than 30,000 sq ft in LA and the people that actually own 30,000 sq footers are Jay-Z & Beyonce and the one and only Mark Wahlburg. But on occasion I like to show the former King of Instagram's crib because you can actually see the crib pretty clearly! Enough of my ramblings; check out the link to see Jennifer's current crib which she paid 21 mill for in 2011. Word!

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