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Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign is about a 45 minute detour from where most celebrities live.  If getting a picture with the Hollywood Sign in the background is a priority for you then choose The Best of Hollywood & Beverly Hills w/ Hollywood Sign.  
LA tourists at the Hollywood Sign on the hollywood homes tour.

Don't get fooled by other companies who say they will show the sign and be three miles away.  Our vantage point is as close as you can get legally without going on a hike!

Hollywood Sign as scene on the Celebrity Hollywood Homes Tour.

There's a great park below the Hollywood sign for more pics. A minimum of 20 likes on Instagram;)

Behind the Hollywood Sign.

This is a destination that requires a minimum  1.5 hr hike.  We'll point out one of the trail entrances on route to the Hollywood sign.

This is the spot off of Muholland Dr that 99% of tour companies show you the sign from.  The sign is more than 3 miles away here;(

One of biggest complaints from tourists at the big companies is how far away they show the Hollywood sign.  Their vans are too heavy and get ticketed so they don't get close...but our vans get close due to their smaller size;)

* Not every tour goes to the Hollywood Sign.  If going there is important to you select a tour where a visit is mentioned in the itinerary.
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