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YouTube Star David Dobrik Buys in Sherman Oaks!

The D-List Hills aka Studio City Hills has one less D-list celebrity now that YouTube star David Dobrik has bought a mansion in Sherman Oaks. Technically he still owns the Studio City property but my 10-year experience in the celebrity home business says he'll be listing it soon.....or maybe he'll just shoot his shenanigans there and keep his main digs private; Who knows. Only the Double D.

As of a couple years ago I had never heard of the name David Dobrik but all of a sudden I kept getting request from tweens about this guy. Going to his house at the bottom of the D-List Hills was a bit of a inconvenience but as the cream-de-la-crop of celebrity home tour companies I aim to please. I did see him one time moving his Tesla to help out his Rotor Rooter plumbing guy; the two girls on the tour couldn't believe they were seeing their idol walk by the van. The Double D pretended he didn't see us.

Many parents think these YouTubers are just a bunch of silly Billies goofing around but these silly Billies are buying (not renting) houses next to some of the biggest movie stars in the business like Leonardo and Keanu. I heard YouTube prankster Jake Paul made 16 million over the last year.

Anyway I named the Studio City Hills the D-List hills to pay tribute to Kathy Griffin who had a house there when she filmed her reality show entitled My Life On The D-List. Unfortunately Kathy had to sell it after her Donald Trump decapitation joke fiasco. Don't feel sorry for Kathy because she still has her other 13-million dollar spot in Bel-Air. Other D-Listers who currently reside there include MTV star Tom Green, Erica Estrada from the 1970s show CHIPS, and Dancing With the Stars dancer Cheryl Burke. Love that D-list;)

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