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Feel Like A Boss And Have A Celebrity Make A CAMEO In Your Life

The current pandemic lock-down and quarantine feels weird, especially with no new movies, tv shows, or good TMZ footage. Now our main exposure to celebrities is to creep on their instagram feeds....or do we have better options? Thanks to the newer service we can actually have celebrities send us a customized video....for a price. Caitlyn Jenner $2500, Gary Busey $350, some F-List actor you've never heard of $10. Think about it, you could spend your entire $1200 stimulus check on shout outs from Pauly Shore, Charlie Sheen (temporarily unavailable according to - probably not paying his agent and manager's their commissions) Debbie Gibson, and the guy that played Leatherface and feel like a real winner.

Or maybe for shits and giggles you have Sugar Ray aka Mark McGrath send you a video every day for 30 days straight for a price tag of only $3000! Make the stalked feel like the stalker. And then cut off his revenue stream and have Donald Trump send him a message a week later that he's fired. It might sound bizarre but perhaps it triggers Mark McGrath to hunker down and write his best song since Fly. Imagine being the one to launch Sugar Ray back into the top ten.

P.S. Donald Trump isn't on Cameo yet;(

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