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The Houses of Tom Cruise

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

For people hoping to see Tom Cruise on a tour you can kiss your sweet dreams good-by because Tom Cruise liquidated his Los Angeles/Beverly Hills homes roughly four years ago. Whether it was because of Matt Lauer, criticism of Scientology, or 30 vans driving by every hour showing his chimney we'll never know (because of Cruise Control) but Tom Cruise has pretty much left California for more low key spots like Colorado, Florida, and England.

To see his last two homes is like mission impossible......but the one that can be seen in some manner is the one that he rented with Katie Holmes for about 7 years (2001-2008). The 9-bedroom 9 bathroom, 9 couch house in Beverly Hills you can glimpse while driving by and by looking at an iPad arial of it you'll get a pretty good idea of the luxury that his moviestarness affords him......and it happens to sit 1/2 block away from a Charlie Chaplin house that shows extraordinarily well;)

If I was Tom Cruise and I hadn't won an academy award for Jerry Maguire, Born on the Fourth of July, or the video below, I would have left Hollywood too. It's the academy's fault that he has deserted great dramas like Eyes Wide Shut and Vanilla Sky and now only does movies for 5th graders (I can't hate on this though business wise because 12-24 yr olds are the ones who got to the movies and action movies translate internationally the best...Tom is smart). Thanks a lot illuniati;(

Tom does deserve an academy award if not for his acting in movies then for his autograph signing magnanimity. I was at The Oblivion premier where he signed autographs for 3-hours. Not a joke. Unfortunately some autograph-seekers have taken advantage of his magnanimousness and have played practical jokes on him. In the clip below a joker-interviewer at a War of the Worlds premier sprays Tom with a microphone squirt-gun. Tom deserved to get pissed but the display of his emotions from surprise, to joviality, to controlled anger should have been captured by Tony Scott and not some bum catpturing it on his $50 Best Buy camera. I don't want Top Gun 2....I want Top Squirt Gun 2!

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