The Celebrities' Gated Communities: The Summit, Beverly Park, and Muholland Estates

Some celebrities don't necessarily want us to see through their living room window to catch them jumping up and down on their couch proclaiming their love for Ducati motorcycles. (Side note: Tom Cruise loves Ducattis) For this reason many celebrities have huge fences to block our view of the living room window. If celebrities don't even want us seeing their gate then they live in one of three gated communities: The Summit, Beverly Park, and Muholland Estates. All sit on top off the Santa Monica Mountains off of Muholland dr.

The Summit which sits on a bluff overlooking The San Fernando Valley is becoming the number one spot for hot comedians; Chris D'Elia and Sebastian Maniscalco are recent additions to the hillside community. Sebastian, who is one of the hottest comedians in the business (technically a D-Lister in the movie business) bought Gwen Stefani's longtime mansion. I have no idea how he got 21 million....might be selling a fake Covid19 vaccine. This is the ginormous house that Gavin (Gwen's lethario ex-husband) used to play twister with the baby sitter and was once owned by JLo. Britney Spears used to live in this community as well and her and Gwen's kids would play paddy cake. TMZ reported that the Biebers were looking at a house in this community (probably because Bieber's favorite comedian is Chris D'Elia) b4 Covid hit. The neighbors should be nervous because the last gated community the Biebs lived in he was egging his neighbors and doing broadies in the Ferrari.

Beverly Park is the most celebrity-ridden gated community. It looks down at the hillbillies of the Beverly Hills flats and has the famous 90210 zip code. Celebrities that have residences in here include Eddie Murphy, Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone and a couple others. Mark Wahlberg recently built a compound in there that no doubt makes Donny question if he should have rapped instead of sung. By the way, Mark is a pretty nice & chill guy but never call him Marky Mark...never....or no autograph for u Mr 90s Rap Connasseur; He'll roll up the window on his black Chevy Tahoe & put on his pychopath Fear face;(

The last gated community - Muholland Estates - is the biggest winner because Charlie Sheen resIdes there. Yep and guess who else has a residence in there...Paris Hilton! Winning! DJ Kalid is in there as well probably talking about his son! Kendall Jenner (and sometimes her stalker) Christina Aguilara, Brian Wilson (of Beach Boys fame), and a few other winners have spots in there as well.

There are a few other gated streets and communities but unless they are off Muholland...they don't get a mention....or do they....I guess you'll have to take a tour to find out! I'll show you a few gated community properties from a distance but what does it look like to drive through one of these esteemed communities? Some random guy posted the video below of driving through The Summit (and it's kind of hilarious because the guy talks about how it has the zip code of Beverly Hills but it's not technically Beverly Hills so basically he's saying it's fake Beverly Hills)....unfortunately no footage of the Biebs doing broadies;( Don't worry only about 8% hide out like this so there are plenty of homes to see (some better than others) on the tours;)

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