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Range Rover: The Celebrity's Favorite Car

Having been a tour driver for movie star homes for six years there's one thing celebrities really have in common: The Range Rover. About 75% of all celebrities drive a white or black Range Rover. What about the other colors? Nope....the colors of the rainbow are anathema to celebrities....except Katherine Heigl and her rouge one.

It's such a commonality that I figure they get them for free for marketing purposes...or some grand illuminati conspiracy. I've never found hard evidence of these hypotheses but I'm sure they are both correct on some level.

Celebrities I have personally seen driving them include: Halle Berry, Al Pacino, Ashton Kutcher, Diane Keaten, Kris Jenner, Russell Simmons, Megan Fox, Rusell Brand, (I assume Kurt Russel) Gwen Stefanni, and many many others.

I used to work with a tour driver that bought one....he said it was the worst decision in his life. J.D. Power has them ranked as one of the worst cars in terms of

overall quality, dependability, sales satisfaction, and customer service....but celebrities can't get enough. One of the worlds greatest mysteries.

Some of the more unique celebrity cars that I've seen have been with Jay Leno, Chris Brown, and Jennifer Anniston. Jay Leno is famous for his Burbank garage full of cars. U can see him talking to my guests in the front page video in his steam engine car. Chris Brown loves his Lambos almost more than he loves trouble. I've seen him driving a screaming orange Lambo and a white one with rainbow stripes at his old Hollywood property. Jennifer Anniston has a Toyota addition to a Range Rover.

Some have ditched four wheels for two like Keanu Reeves, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt, but Drew Carrey takes the cake for TMZ saw him riding around on a scooter in West Hollywood!

The craziest driver award goes to Arnold Schwarzenegger who was driving a convertible Mercedes in Holmby Hills & drove like Mad Max to avoid us....but we caught him at the light as he stared straight ahead like a zoned out terminator;)

P.S. Don't believe me that celebrities love Range Rovers? Check video below!

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