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I See You Al Pacino & Quentin Tarantino; Most Seen Celebrities on Movie Star Home Tour

Having been a movie star home tour guide for the past six years there are certain celebrities I see on a somewhat regular basis: Quentin Tarantino and Al Pacino! Who-ah!! Neither are particularly friendly but I've never seen either one flying the bird at me.

Al Pacino has resided in a rented house close to Rodeo Dr now for a few years now. He's always rocking a black suit, white t-shirt, and matter what time of year. Does he blow us kisses or scream "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!"? No he doesn't...but I wish he did...Serpico is in my top 100 films! If he's not speeding by in one of his Range Rovers he is light-jogging away from our van. One time when he was light-jogging away from us he waved! Oh-yeah. I'll take what I can get.

The only celebrity I've seen more than Al Pacino is Quentin Tarantino. Quentin Tarantino is always driving around in his yellow Mustang. The only thing Quentin does more than writing screenplays is driving his Mustang around....probably writing screenplays in his head as he's driving because his IQ is 160. When pressed Quentin will wave but he's got more love for his Mustang than random pseudo-fans. If you've never seen the movie True Romance, I think it's his best film besides the one below.

Who are the coolest/nicest celebrities I've ran into doing this job? Jim Carey, Richard Simmons, Billy Bob Thorton, and Jay Leno. Jay Leno talked to us for several minutes before in his old-school steam engine car. At the same spot a few months before I saw Mark Walhberg....I made the mistake of saying "Marky Mark...what's up baby!"....he rolled up the window;(

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